The workshops described below took place in 2021. Please check back in January 2022 for this year's offerings. All workshops are free and open to the public.

The First Cartoons: Thaumatropes & Phenakistoscopes

Thaumatropes and phenakistoscopes were two of the first animation devices invented, and they gained popularity during the early 19th century. Using easy-to-find supplies, we will learn about the science of animation as we create first a thaumatrope with a dowel and paper, and then a phenakistoscope with paper, a pencil, and a tack. Your design can be simple or complex. All you need is your imagination and a little bit of science to create the illusion of movement.

Introduction to 3D Animation

The bouncing ball exercise is a classic beginning point for any type of animation. In this workshop, NVU 3D Modeling Instructor Danni Foley will show you how to create a 3D model of a bouncing ball using Autodesk Maya 3D Animation Software. Danni will also speak about the expanding role of 3D modeling in the animation industry, and share their personal experience as a professional 3D modeler. This workshop is open to students aged 16 and up. No prior experience with animation or Autodesk Maya is necessary.

Experimental Flipbooks with Alan Jennings

Flipbooks are one of the most basic forms of animation. They are the distillation of animated movement and small-scale filmmaking. This workshop will look at two methods for making animated sequences. The first will use stream-of-consciousness straight ahead animation. The second will use a moving image reference as the basis for a brief segment.